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Today, a lot has changed, the location is still the same, but the business now owns the land and a lane been built out of the back of the yard direct to the A41, affording the village a quieter existence. Peter’s two sons are gradually taking over from their father running the company. Dad and the sons all have homes built on the land so are always on hand.

Now the fleet boast 8 Lorries, a mixture of Scania and DAF, Artic units with low loader trailers and Flatbed Lorries pulling flatbed trailers, one of which has a substantial crane mounted behind the cab used for loading & unloading, ideal for farm machinery demonstrations

New and used farm machines & tractors make up the highest percentage of the loads, but anything that can be safely strapped or chained to a flatbed are accepted. Stuart Wilcox has been driving for the business now for over 25 years, so there are not many places he doesn’t know the best way to, avoiding low bridges and tight turns and is always on hand to give advice of the best anchor points for safe loading.

Nigel Wilcox has retired from the road, learning the ropes from his Father in the office, he is now expert at finding backloads to keep the costs for all the customer as low as possible. Nigel also plays a big part in keeping the Lorries in top shape mechanically and cosmetically. The whole team are involved in keeping their vehicles clean and tidy and happily soak up the compliments given whilst travelling around the country.

PW Wilcox & Sons are based in Shropshire, and deliver weekly to Cornwall, South & North Wales, Yorkshire, and all of the East & South of England, Scotland, Ireland and Jersey have also seen the trade mark Black & Red vehicles on occasion.

About us

PW Wilcox and Sons was established in Nov 1984 by Peter & Lynwen Wilcox, running from a rented, disused farmyard, the office was located in the kitchen and the Bedford TM was parked in the farmyard, being a drop side tipper, it was used for transporting coal from Red Street colliery, Newcastle to Ironbridge Power station, being a versatile lorry it was also used to take stock feed potatoes down to South Wales, the sides could then be dropped to carry Christmas Trees back to Shropshire. As more flatbed worked was taken on the lorry body was swapped to a longer flatbed only body and used to carry fertiliser for farms and timber distribution.

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